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  • About water
    shortens the life of the hardware increases energy consumption for water heating reduces the effectiveness of detergents Solution Kinetico softeners eliminate stiffness and provide the necessary amount of soft water without the use of electricity Iron and manganese Iron and manganese can be present in ground water and in the water system These metals can be dissolved in water divalent iron may be in the form of solid particles trivalent iron may give a yellow brown water color organic iron can create the color film on the water bacterial iron Both iron and manganese cause problems even when its content is low 0 3 mg l iron and 0 1 mg l manganese Tags Orange red or black stains on plumbing the laundry or surfaces in contact with water Metallic taste of water High concentrations may lead to deposits in the water in containers of hot water in the plumbing Bacterial iron creates a color film on the surface of the settled water Solution Kinetico offers several methods for removing iron and manganese The specific method is chosen after reading the analysis of water Tastes and odors Any taste and or odor can make the water unfit for consumption Tastes and odors include chlorine iron marsh musty salty fishy smell of rotten eggs Tags Taste and odor may come and go but may remain constant depending on the source of the problem Typical sources are the following chlorine excess disinfectant iron the water contains iron copper or other metals marsh musty fishy the presence of organic matter in the water the smell of rotten eggs hydrogen sulphide gas salt high salinity total dissolved solids of 500 mg l or more Solution Depending on the source may require one or more systems for solving problems For the removal of chlorine and

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